“The Goddess of Red Carpet Service”

About Shelby

Shelby Fessl started her journey in the luxury lifestyle management while growing up in Atherton, Northern California. While working for Athletes and their families, she worked her way up to some of the highest Net-Worth Individuals in the world. However, it wasn’t purely a business relationship that she has formed with her clients, many of them have become her highest-esteemed friends.


Shelby offers a world laced with stunning opulence, replete with unrivaled service, unforgettable one-of-a-kind outlandish experiences and simply unimaginable excess for those with the good fortune that’s afforded by being her clients. She is passionately committed to taking care of all of her client’s wishes and needs while aiding them in managing and maintaining their celebrity-esque lifestyles.


Shelby’s list is vast and filled with Athletes, Celebrities and Notable Individuals across numerous fields, yet she remains tight-lipped about specific names and requests she has done citing the importance of her clients desire for privacy and discretion. And, has an extensive knowledge and understanding of their unique lifestyles.