Alex mack

Shelby has been wonderful! Smart, capable, inventive, and extremely helpful. If you have an idea, she can run with it, fill in the gaps and make it special. An absolute time saver. What I have liked the most is how easy everything becomes, the more we’ve worked together the better the service I get. I’m extremely happy.


I am very grateful and appreciative to be affiliated with Shelby. I have benefited tremendously from her services, whether travel related or any other type of request we may have. She has been so wonderful to my family, as well. I know we will be working together for years to come.


Shelby has gone above and beyond every request that we’ve asked of her. She has a wide range of connections and knowledgeable recommendations. She takes the time to do things thoroughly to make sure everything goes smoothly the first time and we couldn’t appreciate her more!


It is so wonderful to have someone there for me who represents my interests with such a passion for detail and great professionalism. She makes things happen for me.


Shelby provides a wide range of services that are second to none. Her connections allow my family and I access to things across the globe. She also takes a lot of non baseball tasks off my plate so I can better focus on my craft. Shelby is great, there’s no one I trust more to take care of me in this fashion.


God broke the mold when he made you. You are amazing. I feel like if I was having trouble getting into heaven you could just call in a favor to saint peter for your boy.


Shelby never ceases to amaze us! We always feel like we’re calling her on a whim when we’re looking to create a night we’ll remember forever. Fun dates, delicious restaurants, and new adventures. On top of all that, she assists us in getting settled wherever baseball takes us. Listening to anything and everything we have in mind, Shelby handles it with total professionalism and gets it done!! 

Sean Spence

I was introduced to Shelby through a teammate. It’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. She’s very passionate and she does whatever it takes to get things done for me and my family. I couldn’t imagine anyone else doing that job she has done for us.

anthony henry

I know a lot of guys who work with Shelby and, I was introduced to her several years ago. She devotes a considerable amount of time and energy in all that she does for me. She is extremely responsive and exhibits the highest ethical and professional standards in all that she does.


I have an incredibly busy global lifestyle and count on the support of Shelby to take care of the essential details of travel and much more. Shelby’s ability to step up to the plate when the heat is on allows me to focus on my athletic career, business commitments and family. She is incredibly connected with the right people and calls in the appropriate pro specialist as needed. The list of services goes on.


When plans for our honeymoon went wrong, Shelby was available to help us re-do our entire Hawaiian vacation on very short notice. She was on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week helping us and organized the most incredible and memorable trip. She even helped create and build an entire honeymoon registry for our wedding.


Since then, Shelby has helped us with everything from car rentals and hotel bookings, to getting us into coveted restaurants at the last minute. Shelby is very friendly to work with and she is always so helpful!


We can’t even begin to describe how often and, on short notice Shelby has been there for us! There is no special request large enough to even challenge her! She has come through for us from vacations to unique gifts to last minute dinner reservations at some of the most exclusive restaurants. She has made our lives so much easier and taken so much stress off us both during the season and in the off -season. She’s reliable, professional, and I’m pretty sure “no” doesn’t exist in her vocabulary.


She’s a magician at what she does and we wouldn’t know what we would do without her. No matter what she’s always a text or phone call away. We are forever in debt to her for everything she has done for us and for all the special memories she has created for us.


I can’t say enough great things about Shelby! She truly makes the impossible, possible. She is always available to me and she knows exactly what I like and don’t like and how to get things done.

Jason Bell

I have worked with Shelby for years and she is fantastic at organizing all things I don’t have time to do. She never fails to come through with reservations and stellar ideas, no matter how last minute they may be. As a Professional Athlete and Business Entrepreneur I need her services.

DERON Williams

I am a highly focused and committed professional athlete. I am also a man who has responsibilities of the highest importance outside of my job and can always count on Shelby to handle these responsibilities in a highly professional manner. She regularly exceeds my highest expectations.



You never cease to amaze me!

Barry Church

You’re the greatest to ever do it!!!!!!!

Will Barton

Shelby knows how to navigate the complexities of my life and she does it perfectly. She always understands what I want and need without any explanations, she gets me. She flawlessly executes all the things I need done and I have complete trust her when it comes to my family. 



Shelby is incredibly determined and always works hard for what is best for me. She takes care of me with the most integrity and loyalty. It is a privilege to have her in my life.


Barry Church

Despite her flawless, robotic ability to execute complex equations, Shelby is a real person. Verdict is still out on what planet she’s from, but in all my explorations she’s the best I’ve met in this galaxy.


Stefon Diggs


jared goff

george springer

Carson Wentz







Stefon Diggs

Simi Fehoko

Jaylen Nowell

Dee Ford

tommy pham

Joe Staley



PJ Dozier


Will Barton

Dee gordon

PJ Washington

jacob eason

sean bunting

collin johnson

Simi Fehoko

Jaylen Nowell

Shelby has made my life off the field a lot smoother. She has helped me make transitions to different environments. Not only does she do everything with a kind heart, she is also very caring and wants nothing but the best for her clients! Proud to have her in my life


I have worked with Shelby for several years. She offers professional and discrete services to myself and my family. She caters to my requests day or night, ranging from dinner reservations at the trendiest restaurants to travel and events. She’s very reliable, timely and thorough. She makes traveling very easy for us! 


I am a very independent person.  One of my life’s mantras is “If you want it done right, do it yourself!” All that changed once I hired Shelby Fessl as my personal concierge.  Shelby has made my family’s life much more enjoyable by taking the hassle of scheduling out of my hands!   Shelby has assisted us with such tasks as finding my son an excellent daycare, helping me complete my college degree, as well as enrolling me into a master’s program.  She has also done countless things for my wife.   I never envisioned having a personal concierge to help in these areas, but now that I have Shelby, I couldn’t imagine life without her!  I would highly recommend Shelby to anyone because of her hard work, honesty, wide array of services and amazing personality. 


Shelby Fessl has been a great asset to our family that has transformed our lives.  She helped me find a wonderful personal assistant that has been with us for several years.  Shelby has assisted us in finding carefully selected domestic staff. Shelby is professional, very responsible, and a pleasure to work with.  She responds quickly to requests and is very thorough.  We are so grateful to have Shelby taking care of our family and being a part of our lives.


Despite her flawless, robotic ability to execute complex equations, Shelby is a real person. Verdict is still out on what planet she’s from, but in all my explorations she’s the best I’ve met in this galaxy.

Abe Silvestri, SF Giants

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